Why Multilevel Marketing Success Eludes Many In The Developing Countries

Multi-level marketing or what most of us term as Network marketing system entails marketing of products, services and opportunities via word of mouth advertising. Although, with e-commerce growing in popularity, the word of mouth element is gradually paving way for a more dynamic way of doing network marketing with more prospect of achieving greater results.

Nowadays, in the developed economies of the world, one could by a click of the mouse, come across a good network marketing company, sign up, order their products or services, set up their own websites to advertise their business opportunities and within a few days, begin to experience an in flock of customers with whom he has never met joining his organization because they were attracted by the content of his website and the money making potentials they saw in the company the individual represents.

This individual could then begin to earn enormous amount of income, not by mere word of mouth advertising, but by the use of modern day technology available through the internet.

In the developing countries like Nigeria, the emphasis is still strictly on the old, almost outdated method of network marketing which entails going from door to door to introduce our goods, services and business opportunities to those who would be interested in patronizing our products and services or in joining our organization. A lot of drawbacks are inherent in this process of doing business in this part of the world.

Despite the fact that most of these companies produces some fantastic health enhancing products, the prices of these products are rather too exorbitant for the developing countries like Nigeria. Also, the initial cost of enrolling into the programs of the various multilevel marketing companies is rather too high for an average individual in this part of the world where the monthly income for some that are fortunate enough to have a job or small business is less than $200, which is fully spent on provision of food, leaving little or nothing for health, child’s education or decent accommodation, not to talk about savings.

Those who struggle to raise money to join these organizations, meet their brick walls because of their lack of understanding of the concept of network marketing. Some are overwhelmed by the captive captions contained in the various adverts which are used for inviting them to opportunity meetings, where stuffs like “make $10,000 a month”, “Earn $20,000 from home” and so on. The question most of them fail to ask before joining these organizations is; what do I have to do to earn this money? And so after a few months of unsuccessful strides, they give up and develop strong apathy for network marketing, believing that all the claims cannot be true; just because they failed to do the right thing in order to reach their goals.

Success they say “is not just about goal setting, but goal getting” so when we adventurously set unattainable goals and set unrealistic deadlines, then in the end fails to get to our Eldorado, you see us giving up on our dreams and goals.

Africa is a virgin ground for multilevel marketing companies to thrive, first because of the high level of poverty, secondly, the high rate of disease prevalence and the failure of successive government to provide basic amenities for their populates, leaving majority of the populates to cater for themselves and many families living on an income below a dollar per day.

With enough enlightenment, people would begin to see the financial benefits that lies in these business opportunities and would then begin to take advantage of these opportunities.

There are a lot of people in Africa that requires most of these products; most especially the nutritional supplements to enhance their health status and so, when they are able to generate better income and can afford these high cost, high potent nutritional supplements, we can then be more healthy and productive as a people.

The principle of Network Marketing is; ACTIVITIES = INCOME. But if one fails to understand this simple principle, you would end up frustrating yourself out of these tremendous investment opportunities. There is no free money anywhere to pick up, so you would have to work for your money and the work entails letting people know what you have as a product or service for them either by the use of the old mouth to mouth technique or the modern day internet advantage.

All africans are natural net-workers; we introduce different products and services to people on a day to day basis for free without feeling bad about it; because we were brought up to be our brothers’ keepers. Having said this, the average African is alien to a system that pays out money for doing what they were doing for free, it just sounds as being paid for saying “Good morning” to an elderly person in the morning. Most of us are also not open to ideas and suggestion of others, most especially when such an idea is coming from someone we look down on either because of their low financial background or lower academic qualification, so out of ignorance many people that should have benefited from these enormously lucrative business opportunities eliminates or disqualifies themselves from benefiting merely because the one bringing the opportunity is looked upon as socially inferior.

Most of us can be so passionate about their religious beliefs and teachings, that they misinterpret or even misunderstand the real essence of the teachings. For example, when the Holy Bible talks about the love of money being the root of all evil, some people have misunderstood this to mean that money is evil and so they rather remain financially poor, after all, the Bible also teaches that it would rather be hard for the rich to enter into the kingdom of God. On a deeper meditation on the above teachings and beliefs, one is forced to study the life of father Abraham in the Bible who was described as a friend of God and who was so rich in gold and cattle, later we learnt that he went to heaven.

It is therefore time for us to come face to face with realities and break this long shackle of poverty that has enslaved and bedeviled us for so long. We must come to reality with the fact that money remains the means of buying and selling world over and is worth having. With money, we can support charity, religious activities, and also support our families and community.

Multilevel marketing provides a level playing field for every individual that is ambitious enough to change their lives for the better, we can begin to take advantage of the various enhancement provided by the internet to enhance our network marketing strides. It is a gold mine and the earlier we understand this, we in the developing parts of the world would become more productive instead of relying on governments that cares very little or nothing about the welfare of their citizens.

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