Stock Market Reaches Record Highs

It may not be the NBA Finals, but as Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner Mark Cuban once quipped, “If you don’t follow the stock market, you are missing some amazing drama.”

As the stock market continues to reach record highs this year, a majority of Americans feel confident about their portfolios and their equity investments. According to a March poll by business channel CNBC, 60 percent of Americans feel confident that their stocks will trade higher this year, even after the survey was completed during a downturn in the market.

The market has seen an extraordinary run since last summer, going from the 10,000s to the high-13,000. Americans are becoming more secure with their financial aptitude nowadays, and realize that regular stock investing over time can result in tremendous returns.

The stock market isn’t without its defects, but a practical, easy-to-understand advice follows the logic that stocks have historically outperformed all other investments, averaging a 10 percent gain in the S&P 500 since 1926.

It’s no real secret that a diversified portfolio over the long run is part of a smart financial strategy. But there are rules to investing, and I believe the new book “How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not.” offers up some common-sense solutions for everyone who wants to invest in stocks and mutual funds.

Trying to outwit the experts is fruitless. People [who go to Vegas] always tell you about the time they went and won, but they never tell them about the other eight trips where they lost. If you’re a hobbyist picking stocks part time thinking you’re going to outsmart Wall Street, you’re out of your mind.

Robert Shemin, JD, MBA, and Wall Street Journal bestseller, who was once considered the “least likely to succeed,” is a multi-millionaire who speaks to hundreds of thousands yearly, regularly sharing the podium with such financial luminaries as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Suze Orman and Tony Robbins. Shemin has worked with high-net-worth individuals for Goldman Sachs, helped create four companies, and been involved in over l,000 real-estate transactions. Find out more about Robert at []

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